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Alex and Christina's honey moon
Russia - Siberia - The Altay
24th August 2004 to 12th September 2004


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Day 14:. We continued our travel In Jenia’s minibus, passing through a burnt out forest, until we came to the gorge of the river Chulyshman. The descent was so steep that we had to get out of the van and walk down. We found we were walking through a swarm of shield beetles that landed on us as we walked.

The Chulyshman river gorge on 06/09/04

When we caught up with Jenia at the bottom, he was busy repairing the brakes and first gear. After washing off the dust from our walk we took a few minutes to appreciate the view while Jenia put the vehicle back together.

We then drove along the river, shield beetles bouncing off the van (a few even landed on the windscreen and walked about on the outside as we drove along), a short distance and made our camp at the point where the Chulcha River joined.

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