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Alex and Christina's honey moon
Russia - Siberia - The Altay
24th August 2004 to 12th September 2004


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Day 16: We continued along the river to the Teletskoe Lake through the mountain-steppe landscape for about 60km which took us another 2-3 hrs. The route was along the beautiful valley of the Chulyshman River and passed by several waterfalls. We went through several Altaian towns and needed the four wheel drive of the minibus more than once to get us through.


Altaian settlement on the shore of the Chulyshman River on 09/09/04


When we got to the Teletskoe Lake, we were able to stay in a tourist facility which had rooms like Altaian aile houses. The toilets were another hut over a hole in the ground and the generator stopped without warning before we were ready for bed, but we were comfortable.

We said goodbye to Jenia for a while here. As we were taking the boat along the lake, he was going to drive around to meet us at the other end. He had to retrace our steps for a while and make his way back up the side of the gorge along the road we had had to walk down and then drive in a long arc around the mountains to the other end of the lake.


The tourist facility on the shores of the Teletskoe lake on 09/09/04


We were hoping that they would open the 'bar' and we could let our hair down a bit. The barman needed more notice though and so he didnít come and didnít bring anything to open the bar with. We listened to the karaoke for a while and were glad that we had a nice view to take in and contented ourselves with our banya.

We had eggy bread with condensed milk for breakfast in the morning. It was lovely. Everyone enjoyed it even though we had to dress warmly for our early morning al-fresco meal.


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