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Alex and Christina's honey moon
Russia - Siberia - The Altay
24th August 2004 to 12th September 2004


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Day 18 (September 11): We left the hotel and headed back towards Novosibirsk. We drove as far as Jenia’s minibus would take us before he admitted defeat and phoned a friend. The friend turned out to be his brother who arrived in a Lada saloon car with another driven by another friend.

So we said goodbye to Jenia and transferred our baggage from his broken down van into the cars and carried on. We had a very nice lunch at a roadside restaurant and arrived in Novosibirsk to find some of the roads closed for a race, which made finding our way to the hotel very difficult. We arrived okay in the end just as the second Lada car broke down.

We checked in and had a shower and change of clothes before a goodbye meal with Nikolai and Elena.

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