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Alex and Christina's honey moon
Russia - Siberia - The Altay
24th August 2004 to 12th September 2004


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Day 4: We loaded our rucksacks into the van and drove off to pick up Alexei, who was to be our cook, he came equipped with lots and lots of food. Then we drove up into the foothills of the mountains to where we transferred our luggage onto horses. We said our goodbyes to Mischa, our driver.

We trekked on horseback for the 20kms to the Middle Mul’tinskoe Lake, passed the Lower Mul’tinskoe Lake, following the route of Nikolay Roerikh’s expedition. Due to its location close to the Belukha Mountain, this area attracts a great number of pilgrims who believe, according to Nikolay Roerikh, that this is the Northern Shambala, a paradise which will come when people disappear.


Photo taken after a stop for lunch passing the Middle Mul’tinskoe lake 28/08/04 with our guide, Leo


We arrived at the Katunsky Nature Reserve ranger station. We were all suffering though. Our knees were not used to the riding position and we all found it difficult to walk when we got off.

Some of the views we passed on the way were stunning. There was a rowing boat we could use to explore the lake. We had a banya and after dinner, we slept in the ranger’s log cabin with a wood burning stove, which kept us cosy in the sub zero cold of the night.


Photo taken during a stop for lunch passing the Middle Mul’tinskoe lake 28/08/04


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