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Alex and Christina's honey moon
Russia - Siberia - The Altay
24th August 2004 to 12th September 2004


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Day 5: Mummy took Alison and Rebecca for an adventure and rowed them out onto the lake in the little boat, just before she got in Rebecca fell over when she slipped on a rock and hurt her knee. It was too painful for her to walk on. One of the rangers kindly allowed her to ride on his horse while everyone else hiked about 3.5km along an extremely picturesque trail through the cedar forest to the impressive waterfalls near the boundary of the Katunsky Nature Reserve to a campsite where we could pitch our tents.

One of the tents had a broken ridge pole, so we found a stick and Tatiana borrowed a pen knife to shape it for use as a splint to support the pole. Moments later, she had cut herself and needed a matching dressing to the one on Daddy’s finger.

Alexei and Tatiana had forgotten to bring a tent for themselves and they were also missing some plastic sheeting Tatiana was responsible for they could have used for a bivouac. So they set up to sleep in the loft of a small shelter on the edge of the campsite.

Hiking another 3.5km along a tributary of the Mul’ta River, we came to the Upper Mul’tinskoe Lake. Rebecca had to stay behind and she spent the time with Alexei who went fishing with her. The hiking was very difficult so after we had taken in the view and had seen some chipmunks, we returned to our camp for our dinner and the night.

Mummy felt very cold overnight and shivered so violently it woke Daddy up. Daddy was very worried about her.


On the shore of the Upper Mul’tinskoe Lake on 29/08/04


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