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The Spanish apartment
6 el Sur, calle Golf del Candado 36, el Palo, Malaga, 29018, Spain
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The Spanish apartment was home to Dennis and Rae Young for 14 years until 2002 when Dennis fell ill and they spent his remaining months with their son Jonathan and his family in the UK. Rae now lives in a house near Jonathan.

Over the years they were there, they put their stamp on it. Dennis built cupboards and put up shelves and Rae painted pictures to hang and crocheted some pieces of soft furnishing. The property is quite small and it proved so much of a challenge to decorate it that they attempted to do so only once while they were there and did not attempt a comprehensive job. The bathroom was extensively renovated in 1996 and they made repairs to the woodwork when the termites ate it. It is now unoccupied and we can take the opportunity to repair, replace and renovate throughout the property.
The intention is then to rent the apartment out as a holiday let.

This is the view from the terrace.

The view over Malaga bay is beautiful, although this shot of the cloud rolling in from the sea has been edited and an unsightly telegraph pole removed.

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