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Our 2005 trip to Nendaz did not go to plan. We had a problem on the way and Jax only made it to the apartment for about an hour after spending the week in hospital.

We first went to Switzerland as a family in September 2001 when we went to a friends wedding in Nendaz. Jacqui had been there skiing when she was younger and hiking in the hills with the venture scouts.

The summers there are very comfortable and very beautiful.

We fell in love with the views and the clear air and decided to keep a lookout for property there. In 2004 we decided to be proactive and contacted a couple of the estate agents there and organised a weekend without the kids to look at some properties.
We found what we were looking for and went back a couple of weeks later to sign the papers. In November we became the owners of a Swiss apartment in Nendaz.

It's also beautiful in winter, so we celebrated by going skiing in December.

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